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Currency exchange : Official exchange rates are available in the Central Bank website but it's an average that might not reflect what exchanges offer. A good guide of the best availabe rate is the one in Banco República's website. Currency exchange is free and lots of places where you can exchange money can be easily found. No ID or signatures are needed for small sums. Rates are published outside each one of them and you can ask for a better rate, specially when exchanging over $100. You can find currency exchange in the airport, although it does not offer the best available rate.

Security : Montevideo is a safe city but still care is reccommended. Basic precautions such as not leaving your belongings unattended or unnecessarily exhibiting valuables should suffice. The area where the event takes place has special surveillance including video surveillance. 911 can be called upon any emergency and a specialized Tourist Police in the Ciudad Vieja Zone exists, that can be easily identifiable for their yellow jackets.

Tips : Tip in Uruguay is customary for bars, restaurants, food delivery and taxis, but optional. The tip amount reflects satisfaction with service, not surpassing in general 10% of the expenditure.

Electrical outlets and voltage : Uruguay has 220v current and uses "three in line" prongs or Type L plugs. However, you migh find European "Schuko" (Tipo E) style or multi-type plugs.